Epic Pass: A Must Have for Skiing Enthusiasts

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I'm a very compulsive person - when I get something in my mind, I have to do it, and I have to do it fast. The idea of this blog got in my head and within a week, I had a live website. When I first heard of the Epic Pass, I decided I needed to have one. TallGuy and I had an open invitation to a friend's place in Breckenridge and plans to go to Park City and Whistler this past winter. After some quick math, our passes were on their way. The Epic Pass was one of the best investments I made last year, and if you like to ski (or snowboard), you should definitely consider getting one too. Below is everything you need to know about the Epic Pass. 

What Is Epic Pass?

Epic Pass is a season ski pass that works at ski resorts around the world. Depending on the pass you choose, you will have access to various resorts with various restrictions. The Epic Pass definitely isn't cheap, but if you plan on skiing any of the included resorts more than two weekends, it is something worth considering. 

Which Pass Is Right For Me?

Epic Pass offers quite a few options, ranging from a 4-day pass, valid for 4 days of skiing at your choice of 10 resorts, to the Epic Pass, which provides unlimited access to 14 resorts in North America and 30 European resorts. TallGuy and I knew we were only going to resorts offered by the Epic Local Pass, so we opted for the more restricted, less expensive options. Plan ahead to determine your mountain days and get the pass that incorporates the resorts you want to ski and don't pay extra for resorts you won't ski.

My Epic Pass Postcards

While we had some tentative trips in the works, TallGuy and I pulled the trigger once we had purchased our passes. Although the initial investment was significant, we ended up saving SO much money. We had 10 mountain days this season (which is a lot for a non-local) - each day ended up being about $60! This included 4 days in Park City, 4 days in Breckenridge, and 2 days in Whistler. This was double the skiing I did the year before, and I ended up spending the same amount on lift tickets. We were able to spend a weekend with TallGuy's childhood friends, a weekend with my little brother, and a weekend with some family friends - all without breaking the bank!

Why I Loved My Epic Pass

  • I never had to wait in line to purchase a lift ticket
  • I was able to ski partial days on travel days and not feel guilty about not getting my money's worth
  • It made additional ski trips affordable (and attainable) - especially when we had free lodging staying with friends
  • I saved 20% on rentals using my pass and had access to different discounts at the resorts
  • I was able to track my skiing using the EpicMix app, including number of lifts taken and vertical feet climbed

Tips and Tricks

  • If you aren't local, plan out your season and do the math - you need 6-7 mountain days (depending on the resort) for the pass to pay for itself. You are better off getting a weekend pass for anything less
  • Determine which resorts you plan on skiing before the season - there are more affordable options for less comprehensive passes, so save the money if you're not going to take advantage of the additional resorts. TallGuy and I chose the Epic Local pass, since the 3 resorts we already planned on skiing were included and were able to save $200+
  • The Epic 7-Day Pass costs the same as the Epic Local Pass, so you're better off opting for the Local and trying to squeeze in some additional powder days
  • Make plans with friends who don't have Epic Passes - each of the above options includes 6 Buddy Tickets and 6 Ski-With-A-Friend tickets, so score some extra points by saving your friends some money

Do you have an Epic Pass? Let me know your favorite Epic benefits below!